PCG Service Units

Volunteers Needed!

At the moment, here are the service roles we have, and the human resources we need to fulfill them. The roles are divided into the five main areas of focus in PCG: Care, Growth, Service, Reach, and Admin.

1. Connect

  • Guest-welcome & Follow-up: this team helps to make guests feel welcome and helps to influence them to return to PCG
  • Small-groups: this is the team that coordinates the homogenous group meetings within the church. They collate the data of the groups and appraise their impacts on the members.
  • Data – this is team that keeps and analyzes the data of PCG members (both physical and virtual).
  • 2. Grow

  • Trainings: this team is responsible for volunteer trainings within the church.
  • Bible study initiatives: as weekly services may not be enough to strengthen people’s thirst for God’s word, this group will come up with, and manage initiatives to help people grow stronger in bible study.
  • Junior church: this team is responsible for building curriculum and organizing meetings for all church groups below 16 years old.
  • Prayers: this team handles intercessory meetings for the church and come up with initiatives to boost the prayer lives of members
  • 3. Serve

  • Ushers: this team will help with logistics and coordination within church general meetings (especially the Sunday services).
  • Cleaning: this team is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the church meeting spaces before and after church meetings.
  • 4. Praise

  • Music: this team will feature the singers and the band, and they will preside over the music culture of the church.
  • Performing arts (dance, drama, choreography): this team will coordinate other creative expressions of the church as it relates to stage performances.
  • Audiovisuals (technical): this team is responsible for the procurement, arrangement, and deployment of sound and video equipment for all church meetings.
  • 5. Reach

  • Media and Comms: this team functions as the comprehensive media and communications unit for PCG, responsible for coordinating and managing various aspects, including social media posting, print media advertisements and newsletters, liaising with radio and TV stations, capturing and processing official church photos, and handling graphic design, post-production, and video editing for church content.
  • Community initiatives: as a church, we are passionate about helping out in the community, and supporting other non-profit organizations. This team will be responsible for all such initiatives.
  • Website: this team is responsible for uploading information on the church website, updating news on the site, and livestreaming church meetings.
  • Missions: a group dedicated to making a positive impact through outreach efforts. They travel to communities to provide assistance, supplies, medical care, and hope to those in need. Their commitment to spreading kindness and empathy is at the core of our values as a church. Join us in making a difference.
  • 6. Admin

  • Service planning: this team is concerned about the logistics for each service. They will liaise with all stakeholders to ensure that services run hitch-free.
  • Finance: this team will handle monies, budgeting, bookkeeping, and financial statements of the church. It will be split across these responsibilities.
  • Human Resources: this team will manage all volunteers and paid staff of the church to ensure they are protected and motivated, and to keep the church within the provisions of labor laws.
  • Office management: this team will see to the smooth running of the church office space and create a conducive (physical) work environment.
  • Pastorate: this team will handle the composition and preaching of God’s word in the church services. They will also provide general oversight over church operations.
  • Board of Governors: this group will provide leadership for the church, ensure accountability of all church workers, and provide strategic guidance for the church.
  • Training Slides

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